Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who was Andreas Karlstadt?

The Forgotten Man of the Reformation 
1. He awarded Luther his doctorate 
2. He wrote 151 theses before the 95 theses (sets of theses were common back then)
3. He was named in the excommunication along with Luther 
4. He led the first German protestant church service 
5. He was the first German protestant clergy to marry 
6. He disavowed infant baptism (Luther affirmed)
7. He affirmed the book of James (Luther didn't like James)
8. He was against war and violence 

"There is no evidence whatsoever that Karlstadt supported the Peasant's Revolt. Luther (unfairly) blamed the peasants revolt on Karlstadt... Karlstadt has nothing to do whatsoever with these unruly mobs..." 

"Within the annals of historical theology, Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt often gets a bad rap. Maligned by Martin Luther and rejected by Ulrich Zwingli, his role within the development of the Eucharistic debates among the emerging evangelical movements of the early-sixteenth century has been largely overlooked beneath a cloud of rhetoric and caricatures." 
Richard A. Beinert 

Luther switched the German church away from the support of the Catholic Church to the support of the German Princes.  Karlstadt wanted to follow truth wherever it led, which could have lost them the needed support of the German princes.  So, his peaceful views concerning the priesthood of all believers had to be maligned as somehow enabling the peasants revolt, which in fact occurred many years later, in order to ensure the support of the German princes.


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